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The Art of Creating the Best Homework Space

Whether your child is still young and learning the best way to manage homework, or going off to college and needing to make a dorm space her own, there are plenty of reasons to consider creating a special space to round out those back to school shopping plans.

According to the National Association of School Psychologists, homework is best accomplished when tied to a routine. That means creating a sense of order, having a specific space for your child to do homework, and setting up a productive homework center. That does not mean it has to be sterile, utilitarian, or lack style. After all, your child will need to spend some time in this space being creative as well as doing math problems!


Put the Fun in Functional

Think about what makes you more productive. Is it a space that is organized and still attractive? Or is it fine to be working on a table in the midst of several other things going on, while trying to keep your work from on track with multiple interruptions, distractions and general chaos? Children are not significantly different than you, and while they may not require a full office space, having something that is familiar, functional and well appointed will certainly help their productivity.

Creating a homework space for your child, or children, will be unique to your own style and their own needs. You can always start by thinking about what your child needs, and then would like to have. Things like:

  1. Organizational items like bins, folders and boards.
  2. Calendars
  3. Pens, pencils, rulers, paper, computer and good lighting.
  4. Fun items such as globes, frames for their art, bowls and other unique items for storing paper clips, thumb drives, and pens.
  5. Clock or timer in case you set a specific time frame for the child to focus.

You can obviously get these items at any office supply store, but why make it utilitarian when you can make it fun? You and your child can select unique items together, creating a space that you both love and that your child will enjoy more as he or she sits down to do their homework.

Beat the Dreary Dorm Room

If your child is leaving home for college, creating a special space will be very important. Not only will it ensure that they feel that the room is their own, it will help them adapt more readily to being away from home. College is a big step, full of many transitions that can be overwhelming. Having the dorm room a space of their own, filled with beautiful items they selected, while also making it functional for studying and completing assignments will be crucial to their success.

Dorm rooms are often dreary, void of any personality. Once you have gotten past the basics of sheets, comforters, and pillows, what’s left? Well, once your child has met the new roommate, then it’s time to get to work on what makes everyone happy, including perhaps rearranging the furniture to find the best layout.

There is so much that you and your child can do to personalize a dorm room, including:

  • Floor rugs – choose a rug that warms up a cold floor while adding some pop to the room.
  • Artwork – choose some fun pieces that bring the room together.
  • Pillows – get those fun shapes and unique fabrics together for a unique look that really works.
  • Curtains – whether it’s covering a window or maybe using as a room divider, curtains add a bit of color and functionality.
  • Inspiration boards – have a place that your college-bound child can create their own bit of fun while capturing memories of those first college days.
  • Personalize desk accessories – go from bland to bling by taking basic desk accessories and decorating to match the space and your child’s personality.

So Much to Do – So Little Time

Back to school means picking up the pace. There are already so many items to purchase, clothes to buy, supplies to get – how do you find time to do all that and still create a great space for your child? Fortunately High Street Market has two locations housing hundreds of unique finds that will help you deck out these spaces in no time! Visit our Dallas or Plano location to find those special items you need to create the best homework space, or dorm room, for your child.