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August 19, 2015
Man Cave for the Outdoorsman
August 27, 2015

What Does Every Home Need for Football Season? A Beautifully Appointed Man Cave!

Unusual Bar

Retro Bar found at High Street Dallas

Are you ready for some football? The hours upon hours of watching television, routing for your favorite team, while calculating how your fantasy league is performing. And of course, all of this occurs in a dingy, dark room with second-hand furniture and some blocks for tables. Wait. What?

While the best man caves should be a haven for the man, or men, of the house, they should be women-friendly and more importantly, actually look like it belongs as part of the house. Why bother with a man cave at all if it looks like something the cat drug in. The man cave should be comfortable, yet sophisticated. After all, it’s not part of a frat house, but part of your home.

The Ultimate Man Cave

Photo credit: Upcycled Treasures

Photo credit: Upcycled Treasures

Man caves need to have comfortable seating, ultimate sound systems to go with that really nice television, and of course, a bar and refrigerator so you don’t have to go too far for a beverage. Lots of snacks will be consumed here, so plenty of table space will be important. So much for the basics. What now?

“I want a place that reflects my tastes, and is fun to be in, but also indicates that I am a grown man,” said Robert. “Too often man caves can be taken to the extreme, and while I’m looking for an escape for me and my buddies, I still want it to be nice.”

To ensure a man cave is for a man, not a boy, requires a deft hand at decorating. Choosing the right pieces to complete the room will give it that fun feel and that it also looks like it belongs with the rest of the home.

Wall Decor

High Street has a wide variety of wall decor and signage that is perfectly suited for the ultimate man cave

Some great items to consider for a man cave include:

  • Sports Memorabilia – there are a number of great looking items in this category. Perhaps you go all retro and choose items that have that worn-in feel, or perhaps everything is about one team and you can find historical and recent items. Either way, don’t just choose items from recent – think about the past as well for some interesting items.
  • The Pub – that pub feel can still be classy if you do it right. Think about the rich wood and glass items in a nice pub, and then select those that integrate nicely with the man cave.
  • Vintage Signage – maybe you go beyond just the sports and represent the town. There is great vintage signage that you can find for specific cities that have multiple sports teams. Make all that is old new again by mixing and matching your favorites.
  • Eclectic Can Work – speaking of mix and match, old with new, combining sports team items for the family, and even representing college mascots can be a way to incorporate the entire family into the man cave. Sometimes it’s just nice for everyone to escape and watch a game or two together. 

Caves Can be Nice

When it comes to pulling together a well-appointed man cave, consider shopping in a place that has many options. High Street Market will provide a multitude of ideas and selections in both their locations, giving you hundreds of options to go old school or new wave. Visit either Dallas or Plano location and make sure that man cave is ready to host all the football you can watch this season…and next!