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December 28, 2015
Eddie, the Treasure Hunter
December 28, 2015

Husband-and-Wife Team’s Antique Persuasions

A husband-wife business can be difficult, and certainly not conflict-free. Nevertheless, not impossible as proven by Hal and Darlene Rackley.

High Street December-15

Hal Rackley and his wife thought that running a booth for three to six months would be enough to downsize their personal antique collection. However, they discovered that “it was a hoot doing the business” and quickly got hooked.

Mrs. Rackley adored antiques as a child, and she acquired her first piece when she was only a teenager. She triggered a similar obsession in Hal, and it has been a mutual, life-long passion since then.

The husband-and-wife team now has an extensive inventory sourced from garage and estate sales. Clients also regularly ask them to take a look at possessions that might be of value. In the couple’s hunts, they have come across a lot of strange items with Hal’s favorite being a full-sized stuffed buffalo.